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Isabella Aurora’s birth remembering the bliss


We waited about five years after we got married to think about having children, we just wanted to settle a little bit more and to get to know each other better. Right before I got pregnant I started too search for ways to have a Natural birth here in Alabama thinking that my search was gonna be easy, well it ended up been the other way around, and I’m so glad that I started my search early!

Argentina is my country home and when I was younger had the luck to come across a group of woman that all had natural births; when I heard their stories of how wonderful there experiences where, I new that that’s what I wanted  for my own birth experience, but life and travel took me to Alabama!

First thing I found during my search It’s that Alabama law don’t aloud home birth, which  was exactly what I wanted ! well I turned out that my husband didn’t want a home birth so that was fine we will go to the hospital, but where? I didn’t have a clue!!

I finally found the only Midwife in Mobile Alabama that works in a hospital and we did the whole follow up with her even though everyone I told about it thought I was crazy, And I was thinking people it’s crazy not to even consider the possibility of having a natural birth and experience the miracle of giving birth, but that its just my believe and I respect everyone decision as long as the respect mine 🙂 . Also my sister Who its a Dula decided to come visit me for the birth and be with me in the hospital so I was so happy with my team! 


Pregnancy was harder than I thought it was gonna be especially the firs trimester and the las month!

Isabella Aurora came two weeks earlier than her due date, so my sister couldn’t make it for the birth but she follow up with Skype. I broke my water a sunday morning about 5 am The night before I couldn’t sleep very well and my whole body was itchy. But contraction didn’t start  until later, we call the midwife and she say to wait at home as much as I could, so we did! she also said the she thought it was gonna happen the next morning so we where preparing to that and we both try to get a good sleep, i slept between contractions ( now I know that they weren’t very strong, but back then they felt strong )  that night about 3 am we decided to go to the hospital I wish i had waited to the next morning like everyone suggested but I just want it to make sure that everything was fine. When we got there I was only 3 cm dilated so we waited longer and we felt so bad that the midwife and her  student where both up that night!! when really nothing was happening yet.

The next morning Midwife suggested to get Pitocin  because nothing was really happening, my contractions where still to apart and I wasn’t dilating, I talked to my sister and she suggested to keep waiting so we did. Two hours later the MW help me dilate by hand a little bit so we made some progress but still not much, the next couple of hours I only dilated 1 cm more. Meanwhile I was walking trough the hospital, bouncing on the ball and doing all the things that I learn on all the research i did, MW said later that  doing that was what help me to fulfill my Natural birth dream, because we got really close to call it a c section and if I would have been stock to the bed It would have definitely been one!

We finally got a little bit of Pitocin to help to get the contractions closer and then everything started to go faster. I pushed isabella out in the course of two hours, she was stubborn!! She was born with the help of four people holding my legs, my husband one of those who cry so much when she finally was born!! Right before she came out MW told me to squat and she came out  fast and I didn’t even tear! I was so happy it was over! and I got to hold my sweet angel right away.

It has been six month since isabella was born and Its been the best time in my life, I couldn’t be more thankful. I Know that it was painful but i don’t even remember the pain! all I remember its the bliss.



Made to match headband by mariajosemonsegur on Etsy

Made to match headband by mariajosemonsegur on Etsy

How beautiful is this picture of my nice and my daughter modeling my petit and over the top headband styles!!

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