A Team Effort

I have been a member of a team on Etsy for about a couple of months, but this is not your average team, where you post and run and nothing really happens!
It’s a team with commitment an a team that its there to help one another by promoting on social media and inside Etsy.

My views and my sales have double in just a couple of months, It’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to learn the ways and rules and of the promotional world but it’s totally worth it!!

So…this is my way to say Thank you to the Team for letting me be part of this great group of people, Promotional Frenzy Team ROCKS!!

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About mariajose160

I am a jeweler designer wishing to share and learn from others about creativity, inspiration, tips, craft, and much more. I am from Argentina, im living In Alabama and i like to share my life stories and my travels. Im also a chef, i love food i love to talk about food, I love to eat and especially i love the rush in the kitchen during night service. I love to work with my team, there are my friends. Creating things is my life, I make jewelry, I paint, I draw, I cook and I like to live a good life full of love, spirituality and creativity. View all posts by mariajose160

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