Fairhope Arts and Craft show

To day my husband, my little puppy and me visited this Show for first time and we have a blast.

We had the opportunity to see amazing artists and everyone was in love with our puppy ( of course, i mean she is irresistible!! )

So I’m really considering on trying to participate next year.

We had such a wonderful time, it was a beautiful day , and have the chance to see really talented crafters, jewelers, artists and dogs:)

we came back exhausted!!!

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About mariajose160

I am a jeweler designer wishing to share and learn from others about creativity, inspiration, tips, craft, and much more. I am from Argentina, im living In Alabama and i like to share my life stories and my travels. Im also a chef, i love food i love to talk about food, I love to eat and especially i love the rush in the kitchen during night service. I love to work with my team, there are my friends. Creating things is my life, I make jewelry, I paint, I draw, I cook and I like to live a good life full of love, spirituality and creativity. View all posts by mariajose160

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