How to enhance your pictures on your Etsy shop

When I started my etsy page, two years ago, I had no idea how important it is to have a pretty clear and understandable picture.

 In the first year I did not pay attention to it and my sales were very bad, in the second year I started to do more and more changes into                              

the  photography
 and I started to do much better and finally  this year i posted pictures that I love and my sales increased 20%.

First tip is to Have a really good camera, I recommend spending a little extra deep in a good camera it would make 

a big difference in the end.

Second, buy a white box for photography. I got one online for $ 20 that comes with the lights and a cute to go box. A white box is very important if you need to take pictures up close, especially for jewelry or small things.

 if you make wearable products try to get a  model, itwould help a lot too. Is really good to take pictures with people, customers want to see how would they look with your product.

Third, use simple background, I recommend white because I like to use an app that enhances 

photos with white background.

fourth, retouch you photos, download  a program for your computer that will be easy,there are so many, I use Picasa or Iphoto there both really good. change the light, shadow, contrast, try and play to find the photo you love.

Fift, after I upload my photos to etsy I use the app is amazing how well it makes my pictures look, I recommend it to anyone who uses a white background in your photos.

I hope these tips where helpful.

Let me know if Im missing some other important tips, share and good luck to everyone on Etsy.


About mariajose160

I am a jeweler designer wishing to share and learn from others about creativity, inspiration, tips, craft, and much more. I am from Argentina, im living In Alabama and i like to share my life stories and my travels. Im also a chef, i love food i love to talk about food, I love to eat and especially i love the rush in the kitchen during night service. I love to work with my team, there are my friends. Creating things is my life, I make jewelry, I paint, I draw, I cook and I like to live a good life full of love, spirituality and creativity. View all posts by mariajose160

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